Tokens, counters and cards

Operation token of the Bank of Lithuania (Kaunas). No. 810. Without marked date (1920s-30s)

Copper alloy, Ø 41 mm

Counter of Riga burgomaster and envoy to the court of King of Poland and Lithuania Otto von Meppen (1503–1596). 1593

Riga Mint. Bronze, Ø 29 mm

Beer token. Vilnius, mark of the Lewin brewery (?). 1917

Bronze, Ø 20,9 mm

Sample of a credit card of the Lithuanian Savings Bank “Globus”. 1999

54 × 87 mm

Counter of Chancellor of the GDL and Vilnius Voivode Mikołaj “the Black” Radziwiłł (1515–1565). 1559

Vilnius Mint. Copper, Ø 26,5 mm

The collection consists of counters, game and payment tokens (of production and trade companies, military units, communication, transport, dog registration) from the 15th to 20th century, contemporary telephone, discount, bank and other cards of similar function of various countries. The collection that has been accumulated for three decades contains more than 100 counters of Nuremberg mints from the 15th–19th centuries found in various locations of Lithuania, ten rare counters minted in the Vilnius mint, among them – a unique counter of the Chancellor of the GDL and Voivode of Vilnius, Mikołaj “the Black” Radziwiłł, from 1559.

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