Exhibition “The Stills of Time”

Parodos atidarymo akimirkos

Parodos atidarymo akimirkos

Parodos atidarymo akimirkos

Marius Baranauskas (1931–1995)

Dainų šventėje. Vilnius, 1975 m.

Vartininkas. 1972 m.

Seminaristai Kaune. 1975 m.

Marius Baranauskas (1931-1995) is a classic of Lithuanian photography, photojournalist and photographic artist. The masterful composition, rhythmical visual graphics and the humour of his photographs erase the boundaries between reportage photography and photographic art.

The exhibition presents the retrospective of the works by Marius Baranauskas including the three main spheres from his archives, i.e. artistic and reportage photographs revealing the images from Lithuania in 1950s-2000s, moments from his journeys around the world and the most significant events of the Lithuanian National Revival.

The exhibition is going to be open until September 25.

July 21, 2016 - September 25, 2016 | The New Arsenal, Arsenalo Str. 1

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