Seal of the Kaunas glassmakers’ guild (mirror image)

Lithuania, end of 18th c.

Seal of Bishop of Samogitia Juozapas Mykolas Karpis (1679–1739)

Lithuania, 1730s.

Seal of Elder of Samogitia Stanisław Antony Tyszkiewicz (1727–1801) (mirror image)

Lithuania, end of 18th c.

Seal of Kražiai public school (mirror image)

Lithuania, 1st half 19th c.

Plaster intaglio moulds donated to the Museum of Antiquities

Artist I. Ostrovsky. 1st half 19th c.

A rich collection of seals, signets, moulds of intaglios and cameos, and their imprints on lacquer and paper constitutes a separate group. Mostly it consists of the surviving collection of seals from the Museum of Antiquities, as well as the collections taken over from other museums and scientific societies affiliated to the museum, and exhibits acquired from private individuals. The most valuable part of the collection is bronze and iron seals, as well as rubber seals that appeared later, which were used by Lithuanian state and municipal institutions, and belonged to various organisations and societies. Particularly valuable are seals of guilds that operated in Lithuanian cities and towns between the 16th and 18th centuries, as well as seals of churches, monasteries and bishops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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