Viešvilė hoard (Jurbarkas district, 1568/2006)

Aukštvilkiai hoard (Tauragė district, 1912/1985)

Hoard of Pirčiupiai environs (Varėna district, 2nd half 9th c./1959)

Hoard of Russian copper kopecks (Uglai village (?), Minsk governorate, today, Belarus, 1661/1899)

From the collections of the Vilnius Museum of Antiquities

Silver ingots of the GDL from the Ribiškės hoard (Vilnius, 14th c./1930)

From the collection of Konstantinas Stašis (1880–1942)

The collection includes complexes and fragments of silver ingots, coins and paper money from 163 sites, found in the period from 1899 to 2015. These are hoards of money from the 3rd century, 9th–10th centuries, 14th century to the 1990s (hidden in various containers), contents of lost or hidden purses, hidden coin collections, and other lost or hidden stores of petty coins meant for various purposes and packed in different materials. There are also loose specimens from such complexes allowing to describe the finding site and establish the approximate date of the find. A third of the hoards were found in Vilnius and its environs. Twenty-five hoards from the 14th–15th centuries consisting of hacked silver, silver ingots and the earliest coins of the GDL should be distinguished. The collection also includes the largest hoard of 16,000 coins held in Lithuania (Tilto St., Vilnius, 1698/1999).

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