A reconstruction model of the Vilnius Higher, Lower and Crooked Castles in the second half of the 14th century is exhibited on the ground floor of the Gediminas Castle Tower. Works by famous 19th–20th century Vilnius photographers depicting the Castle Hill, the ruins of the castle and the images of their reconstruction are displayed along with the model. The first floor contains 14th–18th century armaments of Lithuanian warriors: chain mails, breastplates, helmets, swards, hand cannons and shells, as well as knight armour, which served as a popular interior decoration in nineteenth-century castles and manors. The exhibition on the second floor bears witness to the newest history of Lithuania: the lifting of the Lithuanian tricolour on the Gediminas Castle Tower on 7 October 1988, and the Baltic Way on 23 August 1989, when 2–2.5 million residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joined hands in a line extending from Vilnius to Tallinn. The Gediminas Castle Tower was the starting point of the Baltic Way in Vilnius.

Visitor Information

From 4 November 2017 the access to the territory of The Gediminas Hill and Gediminas Castle Tower is temporarily closed due to repair works. We are sorry for the inconveniences. We kindly invite you to visit other branches of the museum.

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