Lithuanians in exile

Professors and students of Baltic University before its closure

Photo by Vytautas Augustinas. Pineberg, Germany, 1949. With permission of the British occupational zone, on 8–9 January 1946 a constituent conference of the university took place in Hamburg, during which representatives of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian professors adopted the university’s statute and elected the provisional administration. More than 50 Lithuanian professors taught in the university. There were 355 Lithuanian students in 1946, 292 in February 1947, 108 in 1948, and 67 in 1949

Trail of carriages from Lithuania in East Prussia

Photo by Vytautas Augustinas. August 1944. When the Red Army approached Lithuania in the summer of 1944, more than 60 thousand Lithuanians retreated to the West

Seeing off persons departing from Spackenberg camp to Canada

Photo by Vytautas Augustinas. Germany, 1948

Commemoration of February 16 in a Lithuanian camp in Fischbeck near Hamburg

Photo by Vytautas Augustinas. 1945. DP camp was established in the barracks of military aviation in Fischbeck in the summer of 1945. Together with Lithuanians transferred from the neighbouring Falkenberg camp in December 1946, there were circa 1,200 persons in the camp

Documentary and iconographic material and objects related to the public and cultural life of Lithuanians in exile and their activity for the sake of Lithuania’s liberation is accumulated. The collection contains more than 26 thousand exhibits. The majority reflect the life of exiled Lithuanians in DP camps in Germany in 1945–1950 and their subsequent move to the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and other countries. The collection holds the archives of the Lithuanian folk art ensemble “Čiurlionis”, the Rochdale branch of the Union of Lithuanians in Great Britain, as well as archival material and a large number of individual exhibits from private individuals: dr. Jurgis Gimbutas, Ona and Alfonsas Mikulskis, Mykolas Vansauskas, Birutė Kemežaitė, Balys Gaidžiūnas, dr. Milda Budrienė, Antanas Supronas, Steponas Vaitkevičius, Gina and Miroslavas Čapkauskas, Vladas Bacevičius, Vaclovas Prūsas, Leonas Urbonas, Gražina and Kazys Musteikis, Vilius Bražėnas, Bronius Žalys, Marija Remienė, and Jonas Tamulaitis.

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