Printing clichés of 100 vouchers of the 1992 issue. 1992

Iron, dyes, 53 × 104,5; 52,5 × 100 mm

Minting dies

Matrix and master die of the reverse of test 1-cent coins of the Republic of Lithuania, master die of the obverse of 1-cent coin, master dies of the reverse and obverse of 50-cent coins. Made by Petras Henrikas Garška. 1990. Steel

Sketch of the reverse of general vouchers “5 cheques of the Bank of Lithuania”. 1991

Designer Giedrius Jonaitis. Watercolour, pencils, 75 × 118 mm

Draft design of a badge “Vilnius (St Anne’s Church)”. 1976

Designer Milda Jonušauskienė. Pencil, 180 × 180 mm

Coin model. Obverse of 1-cent coin for the competition of design of Lithuanian money announced on 14 December 1989. Cast ca. 2000

Designer Petras Henrikas Garška. Gypsum, Ø 103 mm, h 9 mm

The collection contains exhibits reflecting the production of numismatics, medals, notaphily, phaleristics and other badges from the 17th to the 20th and early 21st centuries: sketches, drafts, models, dies, clichés, medallists’ work tools, award ribbons etc. 250 sketches and drafts of badges from the 1960s and 1990s constitute a third of the collection. Among the exhibits, minting blanks of Grand Duke John Casimir found in the territory of the Palace of the Grand Dukes in 2002, production scraps, as well as drafts, models and test notes of Lithuanian money from the late 20th century should be distinguished.

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