Sample of 1,000 litas banknote that was not put into circulation. Lithuania. 1991

Designer Rytis Valantinas. Printed by US Banknote Corporation (USA). 65,5 × 135,5 mm

10-dollar share certificate of joint-stock society “Draugas Publishing Company”. USA. 1922

Issued to Ignotas Aukštolis (Aukštuolis). 216 × 274 mm

Lottery ticket of the Pskov branch of the Lithuanian Peasants’ Union. 1 rouble. Russia. 1918

Printed by Gilel Rumel’s printing house (Pskov). 140 × 244 mm

Detail of a draft of 30 treasury notes of 10 copper grouts of the uprising of 1794 (not fastened with paper with imitation watermark). Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 13 August 1794

Designer Karol Michał Gröll. Printed in the workshop of Piotr Dufour and Michael Gröll (Warsaw). 368 × 430 (44 × 62) mm

Mark of bridge levy of the Kaunas City Municipality. 1 auksinas (two revalued 5-pfennig marks). Lithuania. Without marked date (March 1920?)

101 × 62 mm

The collection contains paper money, negotiable instruments, securities (shares, bonds, cheques, promissory notes), insurance policies, lottery tickets, stamp duty, tax and welfare revenue stamps, food cards etc. from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, and other countries from the late 18th – early 21st century. Among the most valuable exhibits are paper money of the uprisings of 1794 and 1831, and a 10 litas banknote from 1938. A collection of 1,500 revenue stamps containing 20th century stamp duty, tax and welfare revenue stamps from various countries should be mentioned.

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